School Vision, Aims & Priorities


Ecclesall Primary School is a very friendly, happy, innovative and creative school. Our motto is “Happy Children, Happy School, Learning together, Growing together”.


From the very start of their time at Ecclesall Primary School children know that their happiness and well-being is our priority. A whole school community approach to developing positive relationships, confidence and self-belief supports our vision that every child’s experience must be a happy one. Our children are taught lifelong skills and the importance of developing a healthy, happy mind and body. We provide a nurturing and supportive environment where children feel safe, valued, and listened to and where individuality and successes are celebrated.  Children are encouraged to talk about their thoughts and feelings and they know adults will listen. Supportive friendships are key and children know how to care for each other. Through discussion and learning, children are encouraged to develop the skills and resilience to cope with challenges and ultimately be happy, confident individuals, who love life, school and learning.

At Ecclesall Primary school we have high expectations of everyone. We want our children to love their learning, to be excited, engaged and challenged and to lead their own learning through our broad and rich curriculum. We want them to take risks, to problem solve, to be active, creative and inspired.


We will:

  1. Learn within a happy, enjoyable, caring and supportive environment where we celebrate diversity.
  2. Try our very best, aiming high and realise our full potential.
  3. Think for ourselves, make decisions and have confidence in them and will make informed choices.
  4. Show respect, care and consideration for each other.
  5. Value and take care of our environment.
  6. Have confidence, take risks and be valued in all that we do.
  7. Celebrate our successes and achievements and be recognised.
  8. Express ourselves imaginatively and creatively.
  9. Work together with parents, carers and the wider community to enrich and enhance learning.
  10. Take responsibility for our own actions.

School Development Priorities 2019-2020

Priority 1The Quality of Education

  • Curriculum:  Align the creative curriculum across the primary school ensuring challenge and develop the use of academic vocabulary in all subjects to deepen pupil’s knowledge, understanding and skills.
  • Curriculum: Focus on the achievement of higher attaining pupils by challenging and extending working on depth and mastery within their year group curriculum.
  • Writing: To increase the % of children achieving greater depth in writing at KS1 (29% GD) and at KS2 (26% GD).
  • Reading: To improve the % of children achieving Expected + in Reading at Key Stage 1 (82%) and Key Stage 2 (80%) when compared with the very positive outcomes of greater depth in Reading at KS1 (44%) and KS2 (37%).
  • ReadingTo improve the % of Foundation Stage children achieving exceeding in Reading from 23% in 2019 to 28% in 2020

Priority 2 Behaviour and Attitudes

  • To encourage pupils to look after the school environment by getting pupils to express their ideas about how they can best look after, take a pride in their new school and action their thoughts and ideas. In turn, making a highly, positive, tangible contribution to the life of school.

Priority 3:  Personal Development

  • To introduce the Healthy Minds Project working closely with the Local Authority and other outside agencies to develop high levels of well-being and positive relationships, confidence and self-belief in all our children and staff.

Priority 4: Leadership and Management

  • Subject Leadership: To consolidate and strengthen subject leadership roles through mentoring, ensuring appropriate levels of challenge for all so that children become curious, interested learners, developing their skills, knowledge and understanding in all subjects.

Priority 5: The effectiveness of the early years provision: quality and standards

  • Ensure the redesigned outdoor learning provision in the early years provides high levels of challenge for all children, but particularly the most able and that adults skilfully intervene to extend children’s learning/get children thinking and improve their vocabulary.

Emma Hardy
Head Teacher
Ecclesall Primary School

0114 2663137