General Curriculum

Curriculum Handbook 2020-21

Curriculum Intent Statement:

At Ecclesall Primary school, our unique broad and balanced curriculum is designed to cover key areas of knowledge, skills and understanding across all subjects. We engage, motivate and inspire our children with a memorable, vibrant and diverse curriculum that makes all learning fun.

Using various approaches including the outdoors, children are encouraged to develop the skills and resilience to cope with challenges and ultimately be happy, confident individuals who love life, school and learning.

Ecclesall Primary School is a very friendly, happy, innovative and creative school. Our motto is “Happy Children, Happy School, Learning together, Growing together”. This handbook shows for each subject what we want our pupils to learn (Intent), how we will deliver this (Implementation) and the impact this will have (Impact).


There are three main teaching strategies that we use for teaching the children to read. These are:

  • Phonics (decoding)
  • Key Word recognition
  • Comprehension (both listening and reading)

At Ecclesall Primary School we use a variety of different reading schemes including Oxford Reading Tree, Pearson, Collins Big Cats and Dandelion Launchers. In addition to this we use Pearson’s Bug Club online for all children where there is a wealth of reading material for home and school use. Early texts are chosen which are decodable to enable children to practise and apply their skills and build confidence and fluency.

We use “Letters and Sounds” as our main phonics scheme throughout school. Our multi sensory daily phonic sessions ensure our children quickly acquire key decoding and blending skills.

Children are exposed to a wide range of reading material to promote a love of reading and staff read to children to excite, engage, develop thinking and vocabulary.

At Ecclesall Primary School we aim to encourage a lifelong appreciation of the spoken and written word as a means for our children to communicate thoughts, facts and feelings.

We develop the essential literacy skills of:

  • speaking and listening
  • phonics and spelling
  • grammar and punctuation
  • reading and writing.

Following the guidelines of the National Curriculum the children are taught how to write in a variety of styles, from fiction and poetry to many forms of non-fiction. We aim to develop the vital skills of drafting, revising and editing their own work, in order to encourage the children as independent learners.

All children engage in drama, poetry performance and competition, watch live plays, and examine the rich traditions of literature from other cultures. We value the involvement of parents and governors in literacy related work and encourage parents, to hear their children read regularly and use the home/school reading record diary.

Children are regularly assessed in all areas of literacy to inform pupils, teachers and parents of their progress. Our goal is to continually extend every child and to give them a solid grounding in, and an enjoyment of the spoken and written word. The skills in English are also transferred to thematic work in a cross curricular topic. This provides a relevance and purpose for the skills that they learn. We call this our Creative Curriculum.

Each half term class teachers send out curriculum jigsaws to parents and carers. These outline different topics and activities which will be undertaken over the course of the term. The letter might also indicate how you can help support your child at home.

Copies of Curriculum jigsaws can be found under the Curriculum drop down menu above under each year group.

Words chosen by Pupils and Staff to describe our curriculum.