A welcome to Y2 parents

Dear parents/carers,

The Y2 team would like to offer a warm welcome to all our parents/carers as we start a new school year. Below is some useful information to help support your child’s learning throughout the coming year.

Reading books and reading record books should be in school and available for the children to access every day. Guided reading is every Tuesday. Each child has the opportunity to read with their class teacher or teaching assistant during this time. Children are encouraged to read as often as possible at home.

Please ensure your child has the correct kit with them on the appropriate days (White T- Shirt and Black shorts/ joggers, trainers for outdoor and a sweat shirt). Time slots are as follows:

Lions – Indoor PE – Monday PM and Outdoor PE – Thursday PM
Panthers – Indoor PE – Wednesday PM and Outdoor PE – Thursday PM
Tigers – Indoor PE -Tuesday PM and Outdoor PE – Thursday PM

Please send your child to school in PE kit on both their indoor and outdoor PE days.

Maths – for each ½ term there will be booklets available for each unit of work being covered. This is an on-going optional piece of homework.
Each class will be introduced to their very own Maths Monkey to take home. All children will have the opportunity over the year to share maths moments during everyday life situations. There will be a place to record these moments to enable each class to compile a diary. The aim is to find maths moments during daily life for example:
Measurements – cooking and baking.
Number formation – using numbers of personal significance such as house number, age of family members.
Time – concentrating on telling the time to 15mins O’ clock, Half-past, quarter to, quarter past.
Money – £ and p.
Addition and Subtraction.
Any photos should be taken of the Maths Monkey only.

Optional spellings are given out on Friday. During the following week children have the opportunity to practice these spelling words in class throughout various activities.

We hope this information has been useful. Please feel free to ask any questions.

Yours sincerely,

The Y2 Team