A very warm welcome from Mrs Emma Hardy, the Head Teacher of our three form entry community primary school.

Ecclesall Primary School is a friendly, happy and creative school. Our motto is “Happy  Children, Happy School, Learning together, Growing together”. From the very start of their time at  Ecclesall Primary School children know that their happiness and well-being is our priority. Our three Ecclesall values are Positivity, Kindness and Respect. A whole school community approach to developing  positive relationships, confidence and self-belief supports our vision that every child’s experience must be  a happy one. Our children are taught lifelong skills and the importance of developing a healthy, happy  mind and body. We provide a nurturing and supportive environment where children feel safe, valued,  and listened to and where individuality and successes are celebrated. Children are encouraged to talk  about their thoughts and feelings and they know adults will listen. Supportive friendships are key and  children know how to care for each other. Through discussion and learning, children are encouraged to  develop the skills and resilience to cope with challenges and ultimately be happy, confident individuals,  who love life, school and learning.

At Ecclesall Primary school, we have high expectations of everyone. We want our children to love their  learning, to be excited, engaged and challenged and to lead their own learning through our broad and  rich curriculum. We want them to take risks, to problem solve, to be active, creative and inspired. Our  school prospectus on our website will give you more detailed information about our vision and values  at Ecclesall Primary school. http://ecclesallprimary.co.uk/prospectus/

“Ecclesall Primary School is a vibrant place to learn. From children’s first days in Reception, staff and older pupils welcome everyone into the school community. Pupils are happy and motivated to learn. Ambition and striving to be the best you can be are part of the mindset at Ecclesall. A great start in early years provides children with the confidence to believe that anything is possible, no matter what their background and starting point may be” (Ofsted, January 2023). http://ecclesallprimary.co.uk/ofsted/

We have had five very successful years in our primary school with lots of new facilities including 15 new classrooms,, a studio and class kitchen, a large library in the Atrium, a  larger dining room and kitchen, small year group rooms as an extension of the classrooms, a MUGA  (Multi use games area), an Ecclesall Hub, an additional playground for our younger children, a  Sunflower room, a gardening/forest schools base, Teachers’ PPA room and two trim trails, one on both playgrounds. We have extensive grounds with a large wildlife area behind EYFS/Y1 area with an ECO greenhouse, pavilion and seating area and a community wildlife area that is currently becoming established. We are very proud of our school awards including our Green Flag with distinction 2023, Gold Active Travel Modeshift stars award 2023, Silver award for KS1 Sports, Silver award for KS2 Sports amongst others.

We work in close partnership and feel very well supported by our parents through the Ecclesall Parents  Teachers Friends Association, our Governors, the staff at Ecclesall Primary School and our local  community including our local schools nearby. We are part of SWIP (South West Improving Partners)  where 12 local schools work closely together sharing very good practice.

Our Parents and Carers are always welcome at Ecclesall Primary School. We have an open door policy and pride ourselves on our friendly, welcoming ethos. We look forward to meeting you and your child.  We hope that you find our school website useful and informative.

Kind Regards,

Emma Hardy

Head Teacher