Who can I talk to at this school about Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND)?

Our school Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Coordinator (SENDCo) is Ms Joanna Kay.

To contact our SENDCo please email:

SEND Report 2022-23

SEND Policy 2022-23

SEND Intent Statement

Ecclesall Primary School is an inclusive school.  Our motto at Ecclesall Primary School for all children is ‘Happy Children Happy School, Learning Together, Growing Toegether’.  We believe that all children, regardless of differing needs are of equal value.  We aim to identify needs early and provide a rich environment and curriculum which meets the needs of each pupil.

All teachers are teachers of SEND and the majority of children will have their needs catered for within the classroom, alongside their peers, receiving high quality teaching. Teaching techniques, strategies and adaptations within each class, including differentiated resources and scaffolded learning tasks, will accommodate those with special educational needs.  When appropriate children on the SEN register will sometimes receive additional support from a teaching assistant or outside agencies.  By working in partnership with parents and children and valuing their views, together we will follow an assess-plan-do-review approach to ensure the needs of the whole child are catered for.

Through a graduated approach and working in partnership to regularly monitor children’s progress we can ensure provision best matches need.  The provision available, and staff training is continually reviewed and assessed against feedback and needs across the whole school.  Through this approach all children will fulfil their potential and enjoy full access to a broad and balanced curriculum which caters for the ‘whole child’ and prepares them for the next stage in their life.

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